Forum Marketing – Part 2 – Your First Post

In part 1 we touched on your Username and Profile.

Now I wanted to get into the meat. Posting. You want to have a good look around the forum first before you post. Get a feel for it. Is it a forum that genuinely helps people solve a problem or are most of the posts just blatant attempts to advertise? businessinside

You want to align yourself with a reputable forum. I usually wait 3-5 days from joining before I post. ( Keep in mind we are joining here to brand ourselves, not to get an issue resolved, so we are not in a hurry to post.) firstpost

In addition to this, your joining date is usually displayed and if people see you have just joined and made several posts they will presume your intentions for joining are not valid.


I always structure my first post on a forum in this way. aimsinstitute

Hi Guys, my name is Craig. This forum was recommended to me by a friend and I must say that after reading over it for a few days [Remember, they can check your joining date] it is a wealth of knowledge.

I have a question. I currently offer instant 100% commissions on the front end to affiliates but I am stuck on what to offer them for the OTO. I am leaning toward 100% also but on a $67 back end I am not sure. What do you recommend? fitnessbuilder

OK, what have we done here? Firstly, full disclosure. I have told them my name upfront. Do not underestimate the importance of this. Next, the forum was recommended to me meaning that it is reputable. Good enough for someone to refer it. I then said I have looking it over for a few days. In other words, travelingplace after doing my due diligence, I have deemed this forum to be of benefit to me.

Then you tell them you have a question. You need them. They are the ones that you have chosen to solve your problem. I then relate my issue. Now, notice my question? WOW, you offer 100% commissions? Hmmm

We just killed 2 birds with one stone. We will get people clicking on my signature file to see what I have to offer and of course, I have genuinely asked for a solution.

That is it for your first post. The gist of what I have just said, atotalnews in a nutshell, is, to be honest, genuine, and sincere. Forum Marketing works but if we do it with the wrong intentions, it will backfire.


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