A Shattered Life an Amazing God – When Fear Collides With Love by Madeline A Spencer

Cody’s Personal Search for Self Acceptance and Sexual Identity

“A Shattered Life an Amazing God” is Cody’s story. It is a story of parental abuse, divorce, and duplicity. As an adolescent Cody was caught up in a cycle of fear, indifference, and complacency. By the age of eighteen he was on a downward spiral of personal and financial irresponsibility, substance abuse, and illicit sex in a search for sexual identity and self acceptance.

One by one living options closed for Cody as family and friends tried to reconcile his irresponsibility, life style, and rebellion. He became, in effect, homeless.

Inspired by the parable of the Good Samaritan and filled with Christian compassion the Spencer family opened their home to Cody who had just been forced to leave his father’s home. The Spencer’s took Cody and accepted him as a member of their family. Cody became their unofficial adopted son. More details please visit:-https://www.wassenmetgevoel.nl/ https://www.arbredelannee.be/ https://sextoys2day.nl/ https://cafecees.nl/ https://dumbells-kopen.nl/

Madeline A. Spencer details a five year journey of heartrending disappointments and small victories, as Cody works through a pattern of fear, hopelessness, rebellion, and rage, as a result of a wounded heart and a crushed spirit. Spencer verbalizes her own hard questions as to Cody’s motives as she tried to find a balance between tough love and becoming an enabler for co-dependency. She relies on an unwavering faith in the sovereignty of God, His love, mercy, and grace to carry her through each experience.

Spencer writes in an engaging style drawing the reader into her compassion and identifying with Cody’s inconsistencies. True to her convictions, Spencer relies on the Bible as the basis for her life principles and core values. She acknowledges the power of God in every positive forward step Cody’s life.

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