Boat Types – Fishing, Dinghy, Runabouts

For boat builders there are many different types of boats that can be categorized based upon its desired function and what waters it is going to occupy, be it freshwater or saltwater. Below is a list of boat types that is not complete with every different type of boat on the planet. However the list is detailed enough to allow you to think about the sort of vessels you might want to build for yourself. Choosing the right boat is much easier when you know what you are going to use it for. A possible list of activates might include fishing, water skiing, living, diving and general sailing.

Fishing boats

One of the main categories of boats are those that are primarily used for fishing. These vessels tend to be sturdy, reliable and maximize the surface area of a deck. The size of the fishing boat is typically dependent upon the crew size and what the expected catch is going to be. The engine power is based upon the waters the boat will occupy. Sea vessels require your engine to be considerably more powerful due to waves and currents impeding the movement of the boat. One important design feature that big fishing boats should have is a under the hull compartment that functions as a freezer. This is a very useful addition if you are going to spend days on a fishing trip and need a way for the fish to remain fresh. best trolling battery center

Small wooden dinghy

Most boat building amateurs will start of with a small wooden dinghy simply because it is one of the easier projects to take on. As far as boat types go it is one of the most simple designs and requires the least amount of skill, resources and time to construct. These boats are usually used in calm water such as lakes and are without sail or motor, which means that paddles need to be used to navigate through the water. The simplicity of such a small wooden dinghy might appear to be a drawback, however if you are just starting to get to know how to use a boat then it is a good choice. The simplicity means it is reliable and very low maintenance, these are ideal characteristics for people who are still on the early stages of their learning curve. For the more experienced sailor the lack of size and features will ultimately hinder any activity that might be planned.


The runabout boat is a sporty, fast and versatile boat which is ideal for activates such as water skiing. Most people tend to go for runabouts simply because they provide a very pleasant rush of adrenaline due to the boat crashing against waves at high speeds. Building one of these requires high quality wood due to the high speeds and therefore forces that will be repeatedly exerted upon the vessel. There are three types of runabouts that you should know about which are cuddy cabins, deck boats and bowriders.

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