A Good Press Release

Writing a good press release is essential because a news release always gains free publicity for you. A poorly written news release will more often than not be thrown into the waste basket. This is why you must put a lot of effort in getting a properly written news release.

A good press release easily tells why it is being written. A news release without a purpose will be easily discarded because it has no relevant message for its readers or target group of people. If you are writing a news release just for the fun of it and not because you have a message to tell, it is time to think again.
As much as possible, try and get straight to the point when writing a media release. There is no room for long unnecessary paragraphs in your media release. Keep it short and simple. Remember that your goal is to get information out, and as brief and as quickly as possible.

A good press release also indicates when it should be released, that is whether it should be released immediately or at a later date. It will normally have the inscription “For Immediate Release” at its top left corner to notify the receiver to act accordingly.

A headline that is noticeable is also a feature of a good press release. A headline is a powerful tool in grabbing attention and must be written as such. A media release with a headline which does not stand out may be easily ignored.

Also make sure that the first paragraph of your media releases conveys as much summary details as possible. In other words, the first paragraph must capture all the essential details in the most concise way. One should read the first paragraph and quickly grasp everything you want to say with your media release.
A good press release is also very interesting. It should involve its readers and incite them to spread the news all around. If the first recipient of your business release finds it boring, it is likely he will disseminate it in a very boring way.




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