Quick Tips to Writing Feature Articles and Advertorials To Promote Your Business

You can use feature stories to promote your business by writing about:


Case studies focusing on individuals are a highly-effective way to promote a particular expertise or interest. Personal profiles and human interest narratives are powerful tools for engaging your reader while selling your message.


Profiles that focus on the history and background of specific organisations can humanise an otherwise faceless entity. It can prove the main point of difference that makes it memorable in a competitive market.


Focusing on issues relevant to a specific organisation or business can be effective in generating interest, even more so if the issue can be related to a newsworthy topic in the broader community. Background features also work well in providing perspective on a topical issue.

Types of feature stories


* Storytelling
* Suspense to keep the reader engaged
* Flexibility in writing style and format
* First-person account of an event

Colour stories

* Use descriptive “flowery” language”
* Set the scene for the reader
* Flexible in style and structure

Human interest stories

* Focus on an individual person
* Emphasise human values
* Play heavily on emotions


Advertorials present like a news or feature article but are paid advertising space that provides comprehensive information about a product or service.

Some news publications will use their own staff to write the copy otherwise you may need to provide the content personally.

Copy should be:

* Clear, concise and easy to understand
* Specific and detailed
* Believable and relevant to your audience
* Memorable

Advertorials are an effective way to promote your business in a more interesting manner by using anecdotes and metaphors rather than simple descriptions.


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