News Flash: You Might Think You Don’t Pay But You Do

I’ve had this article sitting here on my desk, staring me in the face for a good two months now. I kept meaning to publish it except for the fact that it doesn’t apply to the vast majority of people that read my work. So I would put it off.

You see, this article is targeted at the nearly 50% of Americans that don’t pay any income tax each year. Again, not my typical reader.

But tax time is upon us again and April 15th is around the corner so I figured why not once again set the record straight even though the vast majority of people that need to hear the message will never visit here. That message is you DO pay taxes. I don’t care how much money to “get back” each year you DO pay taxes.

America is at a dangerous time in her history. We are precariously close to the tipping point where more people than not are going to be living off the benefits of government without paying for them. At least in perception.

Make no mistake, this is the goal of many, which is to make a minority of Americans beholden to the whim of a majority and fund this country. Again, at least in perception. More details please visit:-

Why do I keep saying “at least in perception”? Because even though many Americans pay little or no direct income taxes to the Federal Government they are paying out the nose in hidden taxes, fees and surcharges. And in case you are wondering, yes this is going to be another pitch for the 

Economics are simple. When you buy a good or service you pay for the cost of everything that goes into that good and service. Oh, and by the way that also means that every time “Big Business” gets hit with a new tax by the Nanny State that is included in that price.

That means the cost of Social Security, Medicare, and other mandated programs those companies are told they must contribute to is wrapped into the cost of that $18,000 new car you just bought. It also means that included in that cost is also every fee, surcharge or tax the company is required to pay. It all gets passed along to you, the consumer. Oh and also included in that is also the millions paid out each year in attorney’s fees paid to help comply with an archaic tax code which no one understands.

These all get passed along to the tune of 20-30% added cost in every product you buy. Think about how much that is each and every year. If you spent $20,000 that is $4,000 to $6,000 you paid in taxes even if you didn’t owe Uncle Sam a dime and got every penny back.

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