Invest in Yourself – Close Your Mind to That Bad News and Bring in the Good!

Everywhere you look today you see articles about the poor economy and hear about others misfortunes. You, as others, may be feeling these misfortunes as you look at your investment portfolio. We are all in the same boat, watching the monies in our investments take a slow swan dive, and hoping for a quick recovery or at least a lifesaver.

I am not a financial planner but I do know about investing: investing in you! There is no time like the present to take a look at how you can invest in creating the life you love; and some of these things may not cost a dime. When you think of an investment, you want to think of growth. So begin by asking yourself, Where do I want to grow as a magnificent person with a great life?

Here are twelve random ideas for investing in yourself; ideas that have worked for me and hundreds of clients when we want to dive into that pool of personal growth and a satisfying life. Go for it! More details please

Relax: Give yourself permission to relax a few minutes each day. Better yet, treat yourself weekly to a longer relaxation or pampering session.

Explore Nature: It is right outside of your door, very rejuvenating and free!

Get moving: Begin some type of exercise routine and get those happy hormone endorphins engaged.

Eat nutritiously:Save money and calories by cutting out the excess junk food. Eat more nutritiously and experience those natural mood elevators.

Remove the clutter: It is not too soon to begin the spring cleaning. Clean and creative spaces bring out the best in us.

Have fun: When was the last time you really laughed? Watch a funny movie, play with your kids, play kids games with adults, or go to a comedy club.

Engage in a hobby: Working with your hands is very satisfying. Brush off those skills or take a course.

Read: This is another enjoyable hobby, but give yourself to read something that will really give you some pleasure, some knowledge, and/or some time to relax.

Find time for friends and family: Reach out and call someone. Schedule something. Send out cards! Embrace the togetherness that only close ties can bring. Surround yourself with high-energy friends and family.

Find a coach or mentor: This can help with some accountability and idea-sharing on reaching your goals.

Dive into some personal or spiritual growth through reading or taking a class. This is a great way to explore how you fit into this adventure called life.

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