Computer Running Slow – It’s Not Good News

It takes place slowly over time–just like growing old. Your computer runs much slower and tends to freeze occasionally. Now and then it even crashes and it seems to happen more often.

It takes place gradually over a period of time and you don’t really notice it till one day it dawns on you that your computer is not the speedy workhorse it once was. You think you would like to correct the problem but you don’t know what is causing it. What should you do about this?

In the great majority of cases the problem originates with your computer’s registry. Since the introduction of Windows 95 all windows operated computers have had a registry. It is simply a database of information which your Windows operating system uses to run the computer and it’s programs.

The longer the computer is in use the more data accumulates in the registry. Hence as the machine gets older it’s registry can become very big and choked with an excess of entries. More details please

A lot of this material is old and no longer of use to you. Much of it is is fragments of programs which were incompletely uninstalled and parts of programs which you tried to install unsuccessfully. Spyware installed in your computer by persons unknown, a miscellany of data scraps from many different sources are all choking your registry.

What we have to present you with is an easy method of getting rid of all this orphaned data in your computer’s registry. An online application known as a registry cleaner will scan your computer free of charge and find out what problems you have. It will present you with a list of all these problems at no charge.

You can then make up your mind about what course of action you will take. You can manually remove the unwanted material from the registry yourself. Windows computers have a function called Regedit installed. With this you can edit the Windows registry yourself. It is quite simple to do. Just view the list of registry data and delete what you want to. It is just that easy.

If do not have the required skills to perform this,the registry cleaner application can be used to do it,for a quite reasonable price. If you do want do it yourself be most careful.

The registry is the brain of your machine and holds a lot of important data which you must not remove. If you remove some of these important entries you could disable your machine or stop some programs from working.

Unless you know enough about your computer’s registry including what data is necessary and what is not,you should not make any attempt to remove data from your computer’s registry. The registry cleaner application should be used to do the job easily and safely.

The registry cleaner application will start by backing up your registry so that,if it should be necessary,it can be restored. It will then go entry by entry through the computer’s registry and edit out all unneeded files,unused shortcuts,orphaned drivers, and many more entries including even spyware.

The application will completely clean up your registry making it lean and efficient as it was before. Your computer will be back to running at full speed and will operate just like new.

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