Breaking News – Microfibers Are Not Fabrics!

Microfibers are a relatively new, rapidly growing category of FIBER, not fabrics. The term: “Microfiber” is short for “Microdenier”, that is the woven fibers are less than 1 denier in size. Microfibers are approximately 100 times finer than a human hair. These weaves make up what the consumer has come to know as Microfiber Fabrics.

Microfibers Come In 3 Primary Fibers. Microfiber woven fabrics can be made from several different fibers, polyester, cotton, and nylon. Cotton and polyester are most common. They can be made to resemble many traditional fabrics including silk, suede, and many more. It all depends on how the fibers are combined to create the finished product.

Certified professional upholstery cleaners perform all different types of cleaning for Microfibers. Trained and certified upholstery cleaning technicians know which method works best and safest on any particular fiber. The type of cleaning that can be performed depends on which Microfiber you chose, cotton, polyester, or nylon. Polyester and nylon can be very effectively steam cleaned with excellent results. Cotton has to be cleaned by a low moisture method because of the softer, more absorbent nap of the fabric. The nap of all 3 fibers will be properly set as it dries, by the professional cleaning technician at the completion of the process to ensure the new like look of the fabric.

All Microsuedes are Microfibers, however, NOT all Microfibers are Microsuedes!!!!

One of the first Microfiber fabrics to come on the market (1980’s) was “Ultrasuede”. Since that time, many companies have developed Microsuede fabrics. Microsuedes are usually 100% polyester and have a finish somewhat like true leather suede. It was sometimes very difficult, even for a trained professional, to tell a Microsuede from true leather suede. It is crucially important to know for sure which fabric you have, as the care for each is very different. Professional upholstery cleaning technicians know that the wrong method can permanently ruin that fabric or lather. That is why you should know that when the right professional cleans your furniture, ultimate care is taken to give the best and safest results. It is important that to understand that no cleaner can exceed the fabric’s limits or risk permanent damage. Certified upholstery cleaning techs know what those limits are and NEVER exceeds them.

In recent years, other types of Microfiber fabrics have been developed. Some resemble silk, and others more like upholstery velvet or chenille. Be sure to read the description carefully to determine whether the fabric is appropriate for your use!

The tag attached to the base of the sofa or chair, under the cushion is a description of what is in the body of the furniture. It is not the fabric content of the upholstery fabric you are buying.

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