Diet UK News – The Obesity Statistics in the UK

The statistics have been rather alarming here in Britain where obesity and issues of being overweight is concerned A whopping 46%of the men are overweight and a huge 32% of the women belong to this group as well. Generally, being overweight is simply someone whose body mass index falls within the range of 25-30 kg/m2, and those who are considered obese have a body mass index within the 30 kg/m2 or more.

The numbers reveals that the problem of obesity and the state of being overweight definitely increase with age. For instance, in the UK, around 4% of the men between the ages of 16-24 are considered overweight but the number soared to an unbelievable 78% overweight men among the age of 55-64. A disturbing 67% of the women are also considered overweight.

It is clear that the rate of obesity and the number of overweight individuals are increasing daily. Overall, the number of obese people have doubled since the1980s which is a great indicator that there is something that needs to be done fast to overcome this growing phenomena. More details please visit:-

The childhood obesity rate in the UK is growing as well. In 1996, there are around 13% of all 8 year olds in the UK who are obese! 17% of all children within the range of 15 years to 17 years old are obese as well. This marks a growing trend that causes the rate of obesity to increase. The prevalence of these alarming phenomena indicates that there are drastic lifestyle changes that need to be done right away to prevent this from affecting the rest of the population and makes obesity the number one source of major health diseases in the UK.

Obese children have a high risk of becoming obese adults when they grow up. Statistic reveals that men and women who work in manual occupations tend to develop the tendency to become overweight than those in the professional field. Obesity is more common in those working in unskilled manual operations. Almost a quarter of women who work in unskilled manual operational jobs are obese as compared to only one in seven women who work in the professional roles are obese.

It is imperative that the weight loss program you choose makes use of a slow and gradual approach to lose weight. Instead of going for instant quick results that only rebounds after week or two, choose the one that is based on the principles of choosing the right types of food, the development of the right eating habits, and the inclusion of some form of exercise program into the daily schedule. The only way you can achieve permanent weight loss is through a healthy lifestyle.

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