Breaking The News That Santa Is Not Real

The sweet innocent face of your child on Christmas morning can never fail to make your heart skip a beat. The excited chatter and fits of giggles on Christmas Eve can create an air of tangible anticipation throughout any home. You never want the excitement and joy of Christmas to end.

But, alas, that dreaded time has come and the ‘secret’ you have harbored for years must be exposed. The question remains… how do you break the news that Santa isn’t real?

Some children know from an early age that the notion of a man who travels the world in one night is a lie told by parents in an effort to make an unruly child finish their dinner. But others take time to analyze the facts and take notice of the obvious signs of the ‘mouse in the wardrobe’. It can be heartbreaking to ruin this magic for a child. As parents, we want to maintain their innocence for as long as we can.

There is a risk, however, that if you allow them to continue with this belief past the age of ten that they will be harshly bullied by their peers. There is always a chance that your child could return from school, in a fit of tears, exclaiming ” Santa Claus isn’t real- is he?” It is your duty as a parent to ensure that this transition runs smoothly for both you and your child.

1. Assess the situation. How old is your child? Are they at the age where it is no longer acceptable for them believe? Are you being selfish by continuing the lie in the vain hope that they will remain children for ever? More details please visit:-

2. If you and your partner agree that the time has come, sit your child down, away from the younger children. Explain to them that they are not in trouble but that you have something important that you need to tell them.

3. It is now time to explain that to your child that they are becoming young adults and that as a result you tell them one of life’s truths. Look them in the eye and say in a serious tone ” Laura, I am sorry but Santa isn’t real”.

4. Offer any support you feel they may need. They may cry or laugh depending on the child. Each reaction is different and no reaction is wrong.

5. Before you allow the child to leave, explain that just because Santa isn’t real does not mean that you won’t have a wonderful Christmas. It is simply part of growing up.

6. Also you should remind them that although they no longer believe, their younger siblings, friends and relatives do. You should ensure that they keep this white lie to themselves to prevent angry parents banging down your front door.

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