Fish Oil is Great News For Weight Watchers

Omega 3 fish oil promotes health in so many ways, I just can’t understand why it doesn’t get more respect.

If you are struggling with a weight problem, you’d be pleased to know that fishoil supplements help with this too.

Studies reveal that omega 3 supplementation increases the number of calories burned in a single day because of its positive effects on metabolism within the human body.

Before you take your first omega 3 pill, forget about the idea of losing 10 lbs in less than 30 days. Even on high doses of omega 3, that will most likely not happen.

Neither will that happen if you take omega3, is overweight and eat like a 500 pound gorilla. You simply won’t lose weight.

If your intention is to use fishoil supplements as a weight loss aid in addition to other “sensible acts” then you are on the right track. More details please

What are these sensible acts?

1. Set up a diet. I am not talking about the “lose weight fast fad diets” you see in muscle mags or on late night tv. I am talking about a sensible, realistic plan that you can stick to for the rest of your life. You can ask your doctor or a nutritionist to help draw up a diet for you.

The typical diets sold in magazines are a temporary solution to a never ending eating habit. You’ve got to eat, but crash dieting is counterproductive and dangerous.

2. Exercise. Once you’re committed to being healthy and keeping yourself on a balance eating plan you need to add an exercise regimen into the mix.

You don’t have to exercise every single day; 3-4 days for 30-45 minutes is good.

Go for high intensity exercises, like hill sprinting and some body weight exercises that will help to strengthen and tone your body. commitments.

Here is some good news. A study showed that taking fish oil capsules and doing exercise will result in more fat loss than doing exercise but taking no fish oil.

Some even better news is that omega3 promotes a healthy body in so many ways. It promotes blood sugar control, blood pressure control, mood control and lots more benefits too numerous to mention.

When I was young and grandma told me to eat fish (which I hated). I taught she was just trying to torture me. I had little idea that eating fish was potentially so healthy.

Now, rather than eating fish, you can just take a few fishoil pills and get the tremendous health benefits.

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