Have You Heard the Good News of the Hammer?

A few years ago my wife and I drove our RV (motor home) to Darlington, South Carolina where we spent two weeks and helped to build a house with eleven other Habitat For Humanity Care-A-Vanner volunteers.

One morning, as I worked and heard the staccato blows of dozens of hammers echoing around our building site, the Lord showed me something rather amazing about hammers. I call this revelation “the good news of the hammer.”

How, you might ask, can an ordinary hammer do any more than merely drive or pull nails. In fact, how can it have anything at all to do with God or good news? Here’s what the Lord showed me that day.

While our hammers were driving nails, God in his own way, was causing each blow of our hammers to do much more. God showed me that first; he puts ordinary hammers in the hands of concerned volunteers.

Next, he uses the work of those hammers to miraculously change and enrich the hearts and lives of needy men, women and children. More details please visit:-https://aartisto.ca/ https://www.journaldufreenaute.fr/ https://speechhindi.com/

In short, what he showed me was that every time one of our hammers hits a nail, it is also helping to build: faith, love, and hope in the hearts of the people who will be the proud owners of that new house.

In his wisdom, God knows ownership of a house will go a long way toward helping those folks and their children have a much greater sense of dignity and self-worth for the rest of their lives.

So, it seems to me, God’s way of showing these needy people how much he cares for and loves them, is to inspire people like you and me to volunteer to give both our time and our money to help build houses, houses that will become both homes and a new way of life for our neighbors.

In this way, God makes clear to all – the good news of the hammer.

Terry Weber

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