Movie News – The Inbetweeners Set To Hit The Big Screen

Look out world; they’re moving up from our small screens to the largest format of all. That’s right, the openly audacious British TV series The Inbetweeners (Channel 4) is set to hit a cinema near you in mid November. After three highly successful series on UK Television the cast and crew have moved on to the Spanish beach side resort town of Magaluf on the island of Majorca.

Telling the story of four unlikely school mates, posh Will (Simon Bird), ever unlucky Simon (Joe Thomas), the world’s biggest bragger Jay (James Buckley) and the dim-witted Neil (Blake Harrison) who head off to the Greek Islands for post school party time. As the title suggests the four lads struggled to fit into any social niche at school and ended up in a virtual no-man’s land between the cool kids and the nerds. More details please visit:-

Originally launched in 2008 the show depicts the rites of passage of the four teens as they struggle with the mundane daily complexities of school life. Often crass and shocking its humor is centered on the shock value which despite its crudities is often hilariously funny. Look beyond the filth and fun and it’s easy to find some of the most perfectly written story lines of teen camaraderie. In only three short seasons of 6 episodes each the show has a massive fan base with over one million DVD’s sold and more than 3 million Facebook fans.

For the uninitiated these are the main ingredients of the show so that you are at least partially up to speed if you find yourself sitting in a cinema taking in The Inbetweeners for the first time:

1. Neil’s Dad is definitely gay.

2. Everyone wants a piece of Will’s hot mum.

3. Jay is the worlds biggest truth twister to put it mildly.

4. Simon is still stuck on his very first love Carli (Emily Head).

There is also a variable array of schoolyard slang that the viewer must decipher in order to follow the show such as Bumder, Briefcase Mong, Clunge, and Fwend. For each of these it is worth undertaking some further research if you are amongst the very few of us who haven’t yet experienced the comic brilliance of this very raw and talented series.

All reports suggest the movie will see the end of the story though suggestions have been discussed that there is the possibility of one-off specials to come in the future. Without giving too much away the premise of The Inbetweeners Movie is an after school trip for the four lads to a Greek Island where anything goes in typical spring break fashion. Filmed over 6 weeks the movie is set to challenge the slide of death for Britcom adaptions to the big screen such as Mutiny On The Buses and Love thy Neighbour.

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