Credit Card Debt – The Biggest News About Ending Card Debt Since 1966 and Nobody Will Ever Hear It

Ironically the biggest news story ever written about ending credit card debt was back in 1966 when there was essentially no card debt. Times have changed drastically but the news is available to only a handful of people who stumble upon it quite by accident and even when they read it they’ll have no idea of how powerful the words really are.

Now if you been trying to hold your financial life together with coat hangers, plastic clothespins, paperclips, duct tape, superglue and even considering consolidation loans then what you’re about to learn will be the most valuable information you’ve had since you read the fine print in your first credit card agreement. You did read it didn’t you?

One other word of warning might be in order here. If you believe forcefully taking money from a debt is wrong or if you think taking away his job because he can’t collect a penny from you is a bad thing then please get back to the search engine that brought you here and start looking for one of those 50% debt settlement gizmos because this information might be extremely harmful to your beliefs. More details please visit:- ketamine for depression near me treninguri barbati

The old headline was called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and you may have heard of it because it’s still being kicked around on the web but even those that read it don’t get it! Debt collectors are actually begging you to take their money! Now here’s a true story and you can find it by searching “man wins $1.5 million lawsuit against debt collector.”

This poor guy supposedly owed only a few hundred dollars on a credit card and totally by accident the collector left messages on his answering machine. The fact that his rights had been violated didn’t make any difference until the collector started using racial slurs to get his attention. That’s what prompted the man to have an attorney listen to the recording and a new instant millionaire was born and by the way, court awards are not taxable!

Please watch a video by searching the term “FTC debt video” and you’ll see the cartoon character giving a partial list of violations that collectors commit every day. Now instead of getting all upset and having your blood pressure going through the roof, why not get a cheap digital recorder at Wally world, put a big smile on your face and let the collector abuse you for as long as you can keep him on the phone at $1000 per abuse.

You might not get million dollar violations every time but you can easily negotiate your debt to zero and have your account marked “paid as agreed” in exchange for your kindness of not filing a lawsuit. Now back to the FTC video for a moment. Remember the little skit about answering collection notices and demanding validation?

Those written demands take you about 20 minutes to write plus seven or eight dollars to send by register mail with return receipt and at a minimum they’re worth exactly the amount you supposedly owe the debt collector. Under the old law it is virtually impossible for a collector to prove anything digitally which is the only thing he’s got.

If you dig a little deeper there are even violations collectors can commit in writing or “fail to do” which puts you back in the money again. These are just a very few of the ways to make money from that old news back in 1966 and hopefully you’ll use it to your advantage to end your card debt and maybe even make a little extra moolah. Live life and have fun!

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