How Food Manufacturers Target You Through Advertising

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When was the last time the burger you got at McDonald’s or Burger King or any other chain looked like the burger in the advertisement on TV or in a magazine? Probably never.

Newsflash. The burger in the advertisements is usually not real.

Food manufacturers target you and the rest of the population through clever advertising ploys that have the solitary goal of, yep, making you want to buy their product. And the ploys that the advertisers use are often less than honest. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know the “Got Milk” campaign. Know how they got those “milk” mustaches? It actually isn’t milk at all, but a combination of several products including yogurt, honey and other substances that make it stick to the model’s upper lip.

There are usually four things that food manufacturers try to convince you of through their advertising. The next time you see a television or print ad for your favorite fast food restaurant or soda, think about what the ad is promising you. You will probably be able to easily identify one or even several of these “promises.”

The Food looks Attractive
The food looks very appealing. The burger looks juicy, the lettuce fresh, the bun plump. This is usually NOT the way the actual product looks once you have it in your hands. In reality, Buy burgerking franchise the real deal is often a disappointment. The pictures on food packages are just as deceptive. Fruit looks dewy and fresh with no blemishes. That is often the result of paint and a glossy shellac. That perfect steak has been injected with dye or painted. Advertisers will go to great lengths to make the food they are promoting look appealing. Food photography is big business. Ironically, very little of the food photographed is actually real.

The Food makes YOU look Attractive
You see a skinny girl eating the latest yogurt. She has glowing skin and a bright smile. That buff guy is chugging the newest sports drink. If you eat that same yogurt you will look just like that girl, right? If you drink that same sports drink, you too could be buff like that guy, right? We may say that we know those foods won’t make us look that way, but somewhere in our psyche we think that maybe, just maybe, there is a chance. It is that buried little spark of hope that resides deep down that advertisers prey upon. Why else would they have impossibly skinny models and guys with unbelievable washboard abs promoting their products?

The Food makes you Cool
The soda commercials and print ads are notorious for insinuating that their products will make you look cool if only you will consume them. You too can have “the real thing” or be a part of a “new generation.” In the advertisements, only cool people are consuming the products. Where are the regular people? Who wants to be regular?

The Food will make you Happy or Popular or Fill some other Need or Desire
Advertisers operate on the assumption that everyone is looking for something. Some people want to be happy, others want to be popular. Some want to be rich and others want to be loved. They hone in on those needs and try to push the message that their product will fill those needs. Have this soda and you will be popular. Eat this burger and you will be loved. It is all a game that plays with your emotions, winner takes all. And trust me, the winners rack up big time with huge profits every year.

Advertising may be deceptive, but it can be an effective way of finding out what is out there. As long as you are aware and don’t fall into the advertising traps you can use the ads to learn about new products. Keep your head about you and go in with your eyes open, realizing that most of what you see in the photos isn’t real. It is smoke and mirrors, a fantasy world of illusion that is still successful in selling burgers, sodas and so much more.

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