Eating Healthy on a Budget With Easy Steps

People use to think that eating healthy on a budget is quite impossible, and often don’t even try to have an eating healthy daily plan.

Recently a friend of mine asked me for an advice about eating healthy on a budget, as she has little time to cook and doesn’t know enough about food to prepare a healthy eating plan for her and her daughters. She complained about eating too much calories and about not knowing how to match different kinds of food.

As for anything you want to learn in life, you need to take time to know more about healthy eating facts; but, fortunately, it doesn’t take long and you just need to understand what your body needs and what kind of food will nourish you without giving you extra weight.

First of all you should learn an important rule to eat well and keep fit: eat each three hours. It’s also a well known diet I tried a couple of years ago with success. But it is also a healthy habit, as it keeps a high metabolism helping your body to burn more calories.

Having that said, another simple rule is: eat real food. Avoid industrialized products. Buy fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, rice, noodles. Pay attention to eat “few” ingredients food, such as noodles that contains wheat flour, water, salt and sometimes eggs. Or a homemade risotto, with a few natural ingredients. More details please visit:-

For breakfast, eat homemade bread if possible, otherwise choose a whole wheat bread, the less industrialized you can find, fruit marmalade (better if those with no sugar added, done with the fructose contained in the fruit itself) and coffee and milk or tea. Prefer fructose to artificial sweeteners as they seem to lend to overweight in time, and white sugar is not healthy as natural one.

In the middle of the morning eat some fruit, or some healthy bars – begin to read the nutritional facts of each product you buy. Remember that ingredients are listed in order of quantity, and if the first ingredient is sugar it means that the product has sugar more than any other ingredient.

For lunch eat carbohydrates as they will give you energy that you will surely burn over the afternoon. You can have a complete dish eating a pasta with a homemade tomato sauce recipe that is easy and quick to prepare, and adding grated parmesan cheese you will be adding proteins to your meal.

For a snack between lunch and dinner choose a fruit or a light snack (remember to read the nutritional facts before choosing it!).

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