A Trip to Incredible India: An Ultimate Family Holiday Destination

India, the tour capital of South Asia is one of the prime holiday destinations of the world. A family trip to India brings you the most captivating experiences of your life. India is a huge State with immense geographical, cultural and linguistic diversity. The regional multiplicity that India offers is an assorted representation of Southern Asia. The north and the northwest Indian culture resembles that of Pakistan, the northeast and the Himalayan belt is similar to Chinese culture, the east shares cultural and lingual elements with Bangladesh and most southern states remind you of Sri Lanka. All the 28 states of India have a unique charm about themselves.

India is a wonder land for every age group and thus it is one of the finest tour destinations for a family trip. A family trip to India consists of stay in luxury hotels, houseboats, beach resorts etc. for the couple to unwind and break out of the monotony at work. Also for your young ones the trip offers a plethora of breathtaking adventurous explorations, fun filled excursions to amusement parks, interesting visits to historical monuments and museums. Though all parts of India are amazingly beautiful and interesting but your family trip to India is incomplete without visiting the North.

On your family trip to the north you get to visit the one of the most beautiful wonders of the world – The Taj Mahal, a dream in marble, an epitome of love and a marvel of Mughal architecture. Taj Mahal is situated in Agra, which was the Mughal capital for many years and has a lot of historical significance. Delhi- the capital of India is also situated in north. It represents all the states of India and is also one of the world industrial capitals. Some of the most magnificent chain of hotels are located in Delhi. Since it was a principal ‘Mughal Sultanate’ province and the British India capital it brings you fascinating history and culture. It has many historical forts that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It has a huge market that offers you all the international brands at the same time it has the best of ethnic and traditional things. Other important tour destinations of the north are – the neighboring states of Kashmir and Leh – Ladakh. Kashmir is said to be ‘heaven on earth’. From the trips to the green lush valleys to mind boggling adventure sports in the deserted mountains of Ladakh, it is a lifetime treasure hunt. India is a land of temples and the north offers the most awe-inspiring architecture in its temples. The temples of ‘Vrindavan’ located in Mathura (4 hrs drive from Delhi); birthplace of Lord Krishna has many temples of great mythological importance. ‘Benaras’ is another very important religious town. For those who want to rejuvenate their spirits contemplating in the lap of God almighty it is the ultimate heavenly abode.


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