A Feature on High Quality and High Performing Boys Watches

Today, watches can offer people more than just time. In fact, even those designed specifically for very young boys are becoming more stylish than ever. Combining functionality with style, these products are guaranteed to make things more interesting. Brands like Timex, Game Time and Activa offer great quality watches at inexpensive prices. Here are some of the best boys watches available today.

Timex Watches for Boys

One of the nicest products that you can give you kid is a watch just like the Timex Expedition Metal Tech, which is a nice and cool wristwatch available in black and brown color. For as low as $35, this product comes with a variety of cool features including an indiglo night light, a durable buckle closure as well as a stainless steel case. It is water resistant up to 100 meters deep. For something simpler, more cheaper and economical, you can give your boy a Kid’s Timex Camouflage, the price of which is only $15. This watch has many impressive features including a digital movement feature, an indiglo night light and a resin case. It is also water resistant with a round face and a 7-inch watch band length. Another nice product to try is the 1440 Kid’s Timex Sports Watch, which also costs only $15. This water-resistant watch has a nice black band made from high quality resin. Additionally, it also has an indiglo night light, a round face and a buckle closure. It also comes with a 7-inch band length and a resin case.

Game Time Watches for Boys

For boys who love sports, https://thetechboy.com/ you can easily give them any of the different beautiful Game Time watches. Each watch features an interesting design that complements well the high functionality and performance of the product. One of their nicest designs is the Future Star Arizona Cardinals, which only costs about $19.54. Designed to capture the interest of kids, especially those who love sports, this device is an excellent way to teach boys how to tell time. It has a round face, an easy-close fastener and a nylon band. Furthermore, this battery-powered watch comes with an adjustable band and glow in dark numbers for easier time telling even at night. This water-resistant watch comes with a durable brass case. Other interesting designs are also available such as the Future Star Carolina Hurricanes, the Future Star New England Patriots and the Future Star New York Yankees.

Other Brands of High Quality Boys Watches

Aside from these, many other watch brands offer high quality products for boys. Some of these products include the Time-2-Learn Bunny Hop Watch from Activa Kids, which sells for a little less than $30. Aside from this, there is also the Blue Velcro Mickey Mouse Time Teacher from Disney Kids for only $23, the Batman Digital Watch from Armitron Kids for a little less than $10 and the Exo Forcer Analog Watch from Lego Kids for as low as $16.

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