Should You Install a Through the Wall Air Conditioner?

A through the wall air conditioner is exactly what it sounds like. It goes straight through the wall. It is similar to a window unit but is usually larger and instead of sitting in the window it is encased within a wall that faces the outdoors.

These have lost some popularity as a way to cool a space, but they are still very much in use. Many businesses depend on these types of units to keep their spaces cool. They are chosen over other types of units because they are semi permanent but can be moved from one location to another with a little effort.

Temporary Structures

These types of units are common in temporary structures, like the ones that are used on work sites. Typically these temporary buildings will have a cut out in place for the air conditioner. The air conditioner slips into the cut out, the rear part of the unit hangs outside the building while the main part sits inside the building.

In temporary structures the window frames may not be reinforced quite enough to hold the weigh of a window air conditioner. This also can be because the through the wall air conditioner is usually larger and has a higher BTU rating so it cools a larger space. Again this is ideal in worksite locations where the space may be the size of a small mobile home, or a large mobile home.

In The Home

Some folks opt for the through the wall air conditioner in the home, for the same reasons that they are used in temporary structures. The window casements may not be structurally sound enough to hold a unit that is large enough to cool a space effectively. Some folks have much simpler reasons like they do not want to block the view of the windows, or they do not want to sacrifice any natural light in the room. Some folks simply prefer the aesthetics of the unit being out of the way.

These units can cool down a room or an entire floor of the house.


Installation is a bit tricky, because an actual hole in the wall has to be made, and a casement has to be installed. If you are very handy you might want to consider installing a through the wall air conditioner, if you have any reservations leave it up to the pros.

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