A Brief Conversation About God With Zen Master, Moy Wing

“Master Moy, thank you for taking the time for this talk.”

“There is no such thing as time. There is only a series of present moments.”

“Then thank you for this series of present moments.”

“You are welcome.”

“My readers have asked whether Zen believes in God?”

“Zen is not a belief system; it is a reality system. All beliefs are mental so have nothing to do with reality. You either know something is or you don’t. To believe is to guess, and life is not a guessing game; it’s a knowing game, a reality game.”

“So is God real?”

“Whether God is real depends on your definition of God.”

“Okay, let’s keep it simple and define God as, for example, the creator of the universe.”

“Does that mean one creator?”

“Yes. One creator of the universe. One supreme, prime mover.”

“Then can we term that one creator, that one-self, the God-Self?”

“Yes, we can call it the God-Self.”

“And is It the only Self there is?”

“Yes. The only Self there is.”

“And what attributes has this God-Self?”

“Well, it has every positive attribute there is in existence.”

“For example?”

“It has infinite life and consciousness. https://www.mastermovers.co.za/ It’s all knowing, all present, all powerful. The God-Self is pure spirit that fills all time and space throughout infinity. It’s all there ever is, ever was, and ever will be.”

“And is It all blissful as well?”

“No, because bliss is a human emotion, is it not?”

“False bliss is a human, personal emotion; true or real bliss is not. False bliss is nothing but a superficial, temporary pleasure that comes and goes with the wind. Real bliss or love is inherent in the God-Self and not at all contingent upon externals.”

“If the God-Self has all these attributes including infinite bliss, then for what purpose did It want or need to create people or anything else?”

“Simple. Because It wanted to express Itself.”

“Please explain.”

“Listen. The God-Self is an impersonal spirit or spiritual being. A spiritual being can be and is all things as we discussed – but in spite of Its absolute self-sufficiency, It can’t express anything – because, according to Its own law, expression requires a medium through which to express. It needs people through whom to express its selfless Self, personally.”

“So that’s the purpose for which humanity was created and evolves?”

“Yes. The spirit of the God-Self incorporated itself into humanity for the sole purpose of expressing Itself, for again, without a medium or channel of expression, there can be existence but no expression. We exist for the purpose of expressing the God-Self’s Impersonal Self from a personal perspective.”

“Another Zen paradox.”

“Or reality paradox. We are the personal expressions of impersonal life, consciousness and bliss. We are the personal expression of Its impersonal attributes of infinite love, wisdom and creative power. As the God-Self is wholly impersonal, our expression of It must be wholly impersonal as well. ‘Wholly,’ means that there is no time, place or situation that you are not impersonally or selflessly expressing It. The problem is you are just notconscious of it. Get it?”

“I’m starting to. Please continue.”

“The thing to understand now, is that you, personally, have no self at all. What you call your ‘self’ is really your God-self. It is your one and only self, your real self, your higher self. Neither do you have any positive attributes of your own. No life of your own. No consciousness of your own. No joy, love, wisdom or power of your own. You have nothing of your own.”

“What about my body?

“Not even your body is your own. All positive attributes – physical, mental, emotional – joy, love, intelligence, power – are of the God-self, and only appear to be yours. The masses falsely and mistakenly think or believe it is their own power. And the result of this false thinking is failure, disappointment and humiliation – for of one’s personal self alone, one lives in fear, ignorance and helplessness. At any given moment, you are either being and expressing your lower, false self, or your higher, God-Self. “

“And the job of awareness or meditation is to discern the difference?”

“Precisely. To the degree you express impersonally, you are expressing your God-Self in reality; to the degree you express personally, you are expressing falsely, egotistically, selfishly, self-centeredly. Get it?”

“Got it!”

“Good! So, your only meaning and purpose in life are to impersonally listen, obey, and express what you receive from It, your only source of love, joy, inspiration and creative power. It’s law of being and expressing is reciprocal: Its ‘will’ is to utilize you as a selfless medium through whom to fully express Itself, and your will must be to surrender to It, for only then can you receive, express and enjoy all Its attributes as your own.”

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