An Online Music Bargain Bin

One of the joys of record and CD store shopping has always been the bargain bin. Looking through bin after bin of cheap titles music lovers and collectors often found golden gems hidden in the stacks of marked down music. Back when vinyl was king the record stores used to define the bargain products by cutting off a corner of the sleeve so the term “cut out” came to define the bargain priced music product. This term stuck even when the market moved from records to cassettes and finally to CDs.

One of the unfortunate consequences of the digital music revolution is there are fewer traditional record stores around. Unless you’re lucky enough to have one nearby in the local mall, your stuck with the big box retailers that have very limited inventory, and are certainly no place for a serious music lover and forget about bins of low priced albums. Those consumers who love jazz, for example, will find very little to appeal to them in the local Wal-Mart or Best Buy store. If you are looking for Charles Mingus, forget it.

You probably won’t find a John Coltrane CD and even the great Miles Davis is likely to be represented by just his hit “Kind of Blue” if at all. Certainly you will not find any collection-filling gems in the racks at the big retailers. And, as if to add insult to injury, you will pay top price for the CD of any jazz artist you do find.

The same situation can be said for other genres as well. Classic rock lovers can certainly find the most popular groups represented in the big box CD section. You can find The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, but if you are looking for an old Jethro Tull title or some old psychedelic rock albums from Jefferson Airplane, you can probably forget it. Plus, as with jazz, you will pay a lot for those titles you do find.

All hope is not lost, there are still places where you can find a very large collection of CDs at bargain bin prices and you don’t even have to leave home. Used CD and DVD web sites have become very popular because they are the new “bargain bins” for music lovers of all genres. The inventory always changes so you never know what you’ll find, but you can always be sure that it will be a bargain.

If you love music and appreciate finding new titles, or if you want to fill the holes in your collection, these sites are for you. Another advantage of used CD web sites is that you can often find even the most popular albums at a very low price; albums that would never have wound up in the bargain bin but are available at a bargain price on these sites. You can shop with confidence because the larger sites guarantee every product they sell. You can fill in your collection and find some great hidden gems without breaking the budget.

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