Casino Management Today

In the beginning, casino management was not tuned to formal training and standards, perhaps due to its emergence from mob influence and haphazard development. Today, casino management requires a high degree of skill in a general business sense as well as expertise in casinos, such as knowledge of gaming laws and regulations.

Casino Management Agreements. A growing trend in international gaming is to outsource the casino management function. Many foreign companies may not be as fully developed in business and wish to hire an experienced casino company to take over day-to-day operations on a contract basis for a percentage of revenue.

Casino Management Positions. Top jobs are often filled by the “old boy network” or by recruitment through executive search firms. Typical positions include:

-General Manager
-Security Manager
-Administration Manager
-Floor Managers
-Pit Boss
-Casino Cage Manager

Make sure that any Casino Management company you use is a company with high levels of experience and knowledge and that their casino management agreements are fair and provide organisations with the opportunity to be able to run their own gaming businesses after just a short period of time.

Specific areas that a Casino Management consultancy can provide are:

* Feasibility Studies
* Conceptualization of projects
* Implementation of projects
* Preparation and implementation of marketing program
* Recruitment of staff
* Loss Prevention
* Management Company Interfaces
* Operational Management
* Physical Security Reviews
* Investigations
* Internal Control System Set-Up
* Security Programme & CCTV Set-Up
* Employee Screening
* Security / Internal Control Training
* Security Personnel Placement
* Risk Management & Safety

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